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The cross-border cooperation project Réseau Pyrénées/Pirineos en Red builds a bridge between the two sides of the border, creating and strengthening cultural ties baseed on a shared territory : the Pyrenean mountains.

The work done by the POCTEFA project between 2010 and 2013 by the Pyrenean Creation and Culture Centre "Espacio Pirineos" in Graus (Huesca) and the Château Fort – Pyrenean Museum in Lourdes has focused on promoting the two cultural institutions’ respective assets and on their communication to audiences of all ages and types :

  • awareness and computerised inventory of the bibliographical collections for the Pyrenean Museum;
  • greater depth and specialisation of these assets through the acquisition of new document and bibliographical collections for the Espacio Pirineos;
  • circulation on the Web, on the CCfr (Catalogue Collectif de France) website, of bibliographical details from the Pyrenean Museum documentation centre for public consultation;
  • the creation of two travelling exhibitions, accompanied by two catalogues: "De paysages en paysages" (From landscape to landscape) and "A la découverte des Pyrénées" (Discovering the Pyrenees);

    Exposition Graus Exposition Lourdes

  • a joint communication programme for exhibitions and the publication of a joint leaflet concerning the documentation centres;
  • the redesign of the website for the Château Fort and its Pyrenean Museum to include the project and to have a new means of publicising the initiatives that have been carried out;
  • the creation of a travelling theatre performance "Léger en bagage" (Travelling light) which follows on from the Viridiana company’s residence on the 2 sites.