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A museum of popular arts and traditions

« Everything that is Pyrenean should be of interest to us. »

Louis Le Bondidier

Maquette sous la neigeToday, in the heart of the fortress, a rich heritage is presented in the museum that was awarded the “Musée de France” label in 2002, covering domestic, rural and pastoral life throughout the French and Spanish Pyrenean region in the 19th and early 20th centuries.
Alongside reconstructions of domestic interiors, Pyrenean life is reflected through festive costumes and beliefs, including mourning candles.

In addition to this popular heritage, the decorative arts are represented by a fine collection of 18th century Samadet earthenware.

 In the chapel, some remarkable items of furniture from the former parish church in Lourdes are excellent examples of baroque religious art.

A collection of paintings and drawings donated to Lourdes Council in 1994 (the Pendariès donation) is of particular interest for its choice of artists, schools and themes.

There is also an outdoor circuit covering the botanical garden, models of traditional Pyrenean houses and a reconstruction of a Pyrenean cemetery.

At the same time, Louis Le Bondidier and his successors gathered together a large document and iconographic collection that adds to the permanent collections and is used to illustrate the temporary exhibitions according to the chosen themes.