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A European partnership

Pirineos en red réseau Pyrénées

A European partnership

Réseau Pyrénées / Pirineos en Red is a cross-border cooperation project (POCTEFA 2010-2013) between the Pyrenean Centre for Creation and Culture "Espacio Pirineos" in Graus (Huesca) and the "Château fort" – the Pyrenean museum in Lourdes.

The idea is to work as a network to initiate and develop projects that promote a common heritage and cultural exchanges and add to the knowledge of the two regions on either side of the Pyrenean chain.

The project is based on knowledge and the aim is to transmit a shared history and culture to all types of audience : that of the mountains, the valleys the Pyrenean villages and the people who live in them.

Union européenne
Coopération territoriale
Espacios pirineos